Exchange 2007 @ VMware (the company)

This is not another article about running Exchange on VMware, well, it’s kind-of, it’s about running Exchange 2007 internally at VMware, the company!

VMware has been releasing lately quite fascinating information about their internal IT operations and infrastructure, one of which just came out today from the incredibly useful VIOPS website. It’s a complete and fine whitepaper VMware released to illustrate how Exchange 2007 has been virtualized and deployed internal at VMware as mentioned above. The most interesting part, for me at least, is that VMware’s infrastructure looks very much like the current infrastructure I work in right now, except that it’s larger in terms of users and servers. I can see that many of the challenges I face right now in my environment, look pretty much similar to the ones pointed out by VMware’s CIO, Tayloe Stansbury, in the last VMworld Europe 2009 session, including both the ERP and Exchange stacks.

That’s enough of a talk today, I will leave you to this beautiful WP to go through, and I really urge you to follow this great VIOPS documents that pop out from time to time with the very detailed and technical information that we all love to read.

The Link once again:

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