The ultimate vSphere4 learning path: Videos, Webcasts, Podcasts, Free online classes and much more

It’s official now, and you are probably flooded at this point with the insane amount of blog posts generated since this morning. I don’t think there is anything possible to add, but what ultimately interest me here is the learning path for the next-gen platform from VMware. This will be your up-to-date guide for the new online presentations, podcasts, webcasts, demos and so forth.

Without further ado, let’s sort them out:

The upgrade path videos from VI3 to vSphere4:
This is your best and first stop in you learning path, these 4 parts videos are very detailed and technical showing you step by step how your upgrade journey will begin and develop:


 Live VMware vSphere Overview Webcasts


Live VMware vSphere Technical Webcasts


VMware vSphere Podcasts


VMware vSphere QuickStart Classes


 On-Demand VMware vSphere Webcasts

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