Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 01 – Installing ESX4.0

It’s fast, it’s wild, and it’s out of NDA.
I’m furious, I’m excited and I’m off the hook.

If you are a VMware guru, the first few episodes in this series are not meant for you. You would probably be interested when we reach the level of configuring things like the Cisco Nexsus1000v, create host-profiles, or do some FT magic. Between now and then, it’s all for the newbies coming to our wonderful virtual world, and have no clue where to start and what platform they should adopt.

I’ve been willing to do a similar series in VI3 for quite some time, and start from the basics all the way to advanced configurations, but now that the vS4 is out, well, almost, I said why not, it’s a learning journey for me before anyone else.

You have to be patient with me however, the video recording is fairly easy, but the editing and production is quite hard and time consuming to present in this format. If you have any feedback, corrections or anything that can help improve these videos, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or an email.

What are we waiting for? Let’s do this:

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