Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 04 – Fault Tolerance

And finally some real action of the new amazing vSphere’s Fault Tolerance. In this video we’ll do the following in order:

  • Verify that the FT logging is enabled on our network card.
  • Enable the FT on one VM.
  • Observe that the VM has two instances, the primary running on one ESX server, and the secondary running on a deferent ESX server.
  • Demonstrate the “Record & Play”, or to be acurate the “vLockStep” mechanism used on the FT enabled VM.
  • Start a large file copy to the VM as a continuous operation in place throughout our fail-over process
  • Start the fail-over process by resetting the ESX blade via the Dell admin console.
  • Observe that the VM has been shifted to the secondary ESX server, and that the file copy is not interrupted.
  • Observe that the FT has automatically chosen another ESX server to protect the VM with no intervention from our side.
  • We’ll check also the up-time of the VM after the fail over.
  • And finally we’ll perform the migration of the FT enabled VM in case of planned maintenance.

I hope you will find this video useful, and see the great benefit of the new Fault Tolerance feature in vSphere 4.

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