I’m on twitter, tweeterees!..I mean tweeterers..or is it..twee..oh no!

 I’m finally part of the phenomena, not sure yet how in the world this thing works, I can’t even figure out till now how people reply to each other and what does this in fact mean: (Hany_Michael: @Adham_Sabry where are my slippers). What do you get out from this structure ? i mean, is it me who’s searching for the slippers or is it Adham Sabry? In case it’s me, why Adham would be involved in my search for the slippers, if it’s him, why should I waste my time following his quest for the slippers…oh god, what did I get myself into!
Regardless of this confusion, it’s amazing the amount of information you can find out from twitter just by using the “virtualization” as a keyword! if you have a blog and haven’t tried this cool widget yet, you SHOULD! I still can’t handle all this none-stop-overwhelming information. 

I thought the blogs with the RSS feeds were the best choice for keeping up with the latest development and news in this crowded virtualization industry, but I was wrong, twitter turned out to be unbeatable in that

Enough tweeting, I’ll go search for my slippers now.

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