Intel’s Nehalem & VMware’s ESX4 will soon rock our virtual world!

Intel’s next-gen microprocessor, Xeon 55xx series (codename Nehalem) will soon rock our virtual world with VMware’s ESX4 expected GA sometime this year. I’ve seen an excellent and detailed presentation from intel last week talking about this new architecture and how it’s meant for taking the performance to the next level, but it was quite interesting to read today’s article on eWEEK that explains how that will be of a great benefit for VMware ESX4.

I highly recommend to you watching these quick demos from intel before reading the eWEEK’s article to have a clear idea about what is written over there:

IBM will be officially announcing their next generation of intel-based blades (HS22) tomorrow, March the 31st , which will be equipped with this mind-blowing performance microprocessor, I was fortunate enough to see and touch this blades myself last week which comes with a few other surprises as well.

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