Video Tutorial: ROVE Mobile Admin 4.2 for managing your VI3 environment on the go (Part 2/2)

Here comes the second and last tutorial in the Rove Mobile Admin 4.2 series. In this video I used BlackBerry to demonstrate some administration tasks in the VI3 including:

  • Exploring the VI environment (Datacenter, Cluster, ESX, VMs ..etc.)
  • Analyzing the Events on an ESX host
  • Power on VMs
  • Searching for VMs.
  • Edit VM settings (like memory & CPU)
  • Manage VMs using the Mobile Admin WMI
  • Connect and explore the SQL server hosting the vCenter’s DB
  • Viewing the status of the vCenter’s services, and the ability to start, stop or restart them.

I actualy forgot one of the most important parts, which is the SSH access directly into the ESX servers, I may screenshot that later on, but for now I just wanted to point that it’s possible through the Mobile Admin.

Enough said, let’s get to it..

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