Video: VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA): Installation & Usage (1/2)

VMware Goes Mobile!

You probably heard the news, and seen the nice preview from VMware, but here we will take it from the scratch to show you how easy and fast you can have the vCMA up & running in your VI3/vSphere4 environments. I’ve published few days back a similar videos for Rove’s Mobile Admin, and I believe that both of them complement each other, for my case I would defiantly have them both on my mobile, in fact I’m seriously thinking now to start developing some light applications on BlackBerry to achieve similar results for traditional tasks that require a Laptop & Internet connection. I really miss the good old days where I didn’t do anything except coding.

So what we are going to explore in this video is the installation of the virtual appliance, to be followed soon with another one for the vCMA usage on your smart-phone.

Happy viewing!

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