Video: VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA): Installation & Usage (2/2)

This is the second video in the vCMA demo, I used BlackBerry emulator to simulate a real-life scenario of a typical VI3 admin spending his day on the beach 😉

Some of the video highlights:

  • Search for VMs by names
  • Performing some admins tasks on the VMs like Snapshots
  • Doing some VMotion magic for migration between hosts
  • Exploring the VI3 datacenter, cluster, hosts and VMs
  • Running scheduled tasks on the fly
  • Analyzing the events and alarms (if any) in the VI environment
  • Sending the MOTD from your smart-phone to your VI3 admins.

There was one thing that did not work with me, which is the SRM, for some reason it always hanged and didn’t show anything although my SRM installation is working fine. I’ll revert back with some snapshots if I can get it to work.

Happy Viewing!

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