Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 03 – Licensing & Configuring vCenter

This is the third video in our vSphere journey. We’ll do the following tasks in order:

  • Add our Licenses in vCenter Server.
  • Register our first ESX server in vCenter.
  • Configure the VMkernel on the ESX server along with enabling the vMotion & FT.
  • Configure the iSCSI software initiator and discover the shared LUNs on the SAN.
  • Create an HA/DRS enabled Cluster.
  • Add our three ESX servers to it.
  • Import a Virtual Appliance to the cluster for testing.
  • Test vMotion to ensure that the VMkernel is functioning properly.

And by that we set the stage for Fault Tolerance in the next video. I have it already recorded and I will do my best to produce it by tomorrow since it’s a weekend over here.

One last thing to note: please bare with the interesting music that plays along with the video, I can’t find my flash loops collection, so until I do, you may either mute the music or dance with it. It’s really boring watching silent videos, besides, it’s almost impossible not to fall asleep from them.

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