Creating snapshots in a different location than default virtual machine directory

I just noticed this great tip from a VMware’s KB! Sometimes I face this issue when everyone can’t stop asking for snapshots or can’t let go! The cumulative storage growth could be severe sometimes that may get my VMFS volume full. In this KB article you can change the snapshot location for specific VMs to another place, and have a piece of mind!

  • Power off the virtual machine.
  • Add the following line to the VMX configuration file for the virtual machine: workingDir=”<new_path_location>”
  • For example: workingDir=”/vmfs/volumes/46f1225f-552b0069-e03b-00145e808070/vm-snapshots”
  • To reload virtual machine configuration, run the command: # vimsh -ne “vmsvc/reload <VmId>”
  • When you power on the virtual machine, snapshot files and VSWP files are created in the new location.


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