HyTrust Appliance Community Edition can assess the configuration of your entire ESX environment!

Today I received an email from the HyTrust Appliance (HTA) team giving me a great tip about the Community Edition that I blogged about earlier this month. This information will be actually announced officially next Monday, so you get to know about it earlier.

As most of you know, the HTA Community Edition protects up to 3 ESX hosts. However, the configuration assessment capability was left intentionally unrestricted. This means you have the ability to assess the configuration of your entire ESX environment for as many hosts as you want!

Here’s how to configure Community Edition for assessment of your ESX hosts:

  1. Log-in to the HTA UI with your web browser, or navigate to the “HyTrust” tab in the Virtual Infrastructure Client (if you have the vCenter Plugin installed.)
  2. Select “Hosts” from the “Hosts” menu.
  3. Press the “Add” button to add a host.
  4. Enter the credentials and details of the ESX host you want to add. Make sure that the “Protected” option is unselected. If you forget, don’t worry! The CE license of the HTA will refuse to add more than 3 protected hosts.
  5. Once you’re done adding hosts to the HTA, you can select the check boxes next to the hosts you want to audit, and press “Assess”.
  6. You’re done!

Thanks to the HTA team for allowing me to blog about this great trick before the official announcement.

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