HyTrust Appliance Community Edition is finally here!

I’ve been following the HyTrust security appliance for quite some time now, and been in contact with their great development and marketing team as well for a while, waiting with much anticipation & curiosity to evaluate this promising solution. The HyTrust from one hand is expected to address one of the major concerns that I’m having right now with my VI3 environment, which is auditing and compliance , and when I say auditing here I include the “VI3 DC admin” himself!

From the other hand I’m really impressed with the free-appliance community edition approach, which reflects a good image of the people running this whole thing!

The HyTrust’s commercial appliance comes in two flavors, a physical rack-mounted appliance ($7,500), or a virtual edition ($3,000) that can run directly inside your VI3 (and soon to support vSphere). I urge you to visit their website to have a closer look and more information. If you are too technical like myself, you may want to start with David Storm’s video review to have an over whole idea.

Speaking about videos, I’ve downloaded the community appliance to test it in my lab, and will most probably come back with some videos showing the great features and capabilities this new security appliance has to offer.

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