A new beautiful Self-Paced eLearning offering from VMware Education

I don’t think many of us know that VMware Education has a great new offering, which is the self-paced eLearning. This All-Access eLearning subscription offering provides an individual unlimited access for one year to the following Self-Paced online courses, as well as others that may be added over the course of the subscription term:

  • VMware ESXi: Administration
  • VMware Workstation 6: Mastery
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM): Fundamentals
  • VMware Stage Manager: Fundamentals
  • VMware Lifecycle Manager: Fundamentals
  • VMware Infrastructure 3: What’s New in VI3.5
  • VMware Server 1: Quick Start Guide
  • VMware ACE 2: Quick Start Guide
  • VMware vCenter AppSpeed Fundamentals
  • VMware vCenter Chargeback Fundamentals
  • VMware vSphere Fundamentals
  • VMware vSphere: What’s New in vSphere 4

When I first knew about these courses I said to myself, well they are pretty basic so they won’t make much sense to me, as a VMware professional, but they might be a good resource for my colleagues in my existing employer. I went to the management and told them that we have a spare training credits that I need to use for purchasing this subscription, and my argument was that everything is turning virtual in our environment, and that we need to increase the virtualization awareness across the team even for the members who are not directly involved in the virtual infrastructure.

After the subscription was complete, I accessed these courses out of curiosity, and to my surprise I found them really useful even for myself! I didn’t go through everything yet, but for example, in the “what’s new in vSphere 4” course I found a great deal of high quality information there! Even though I’ve been reading, studying and evaluation vSphere since it was in early Beta, I still found lots of new stuff that I didn’t know about. Not to mention the wonderful layout of the training courses and the ease of follow-up across the deferent subjects it represent. I also loved the architecture illustration of the deferent technologies in these courses, very advanced and easy to understand in the same time.

I’ll include here some screenshots to give you a high-level idea on how these courses look like, but still, these screenshots won’t reflect the real look and feel of these courses with all the rich animation and audio contents. I’m not 100% sure if this is fine by VMware or not, I mean publishing these screenshots, so if there are any issues with that please drop a comment or send me an email, and I’ll take them offline.





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