How do you download your VMworld 2009 Sessions?

Few days back I “tweeted” about my VMworld 2009 sessions download progress, where I had around 10GB worth of FLVs & PDFs files at the time. I then got quite few “DMs” (if you are not using twitter pls ignore my weird abbreviations) asking me about the way I download these sessions since there is no obvious way to download/automate this.

I don’t have this “automation” per say, but at least I managed to find an easy way (well, kind of) to download these sessions fast enough. That said, I’m sharing herein my method, and if you have a better/faster way, please share it with us, the community, in the comments below:

  • I use here Firefox as my browser with a couple of add-ons that you need to have. The first is: FlashGot and the second is: ReloadEvery
  • I open first the VMworld 2009 sessions main page, and then right-click and choose from the context menu the Reload page option and set it to 1 min. (I’ll clarify the reason in a bit)
  • If you don’t have a download manager at this point, you need one. I use Getright for years now, because I simply love it. It’s also compatible with the FlashGot plugin mentioned above.
  • Now to the hardest part, I need to go to each session page and then click Crtl+F7 to grab the FLV file from the page, which will be passed to Getright for queuing and download.
  • After you have all your FLV/PDFs files listed in Getright you will be nearly done, just start the auto download and let GR do its thing where you don’t have to follow anything else.
  • Now, since you’ll be probably away from your PC, your web session will expire and this will cause your Getright download connections to timeout. This is why you need to keep the main download page open with the reload option set as described in the second point above.
  • There is a nice feature in GR, which is the segmentation, where you can segment your file download to more than one connection, and consequently have an insane speed per each FLV file.

If you are wondering why on earth would you go through all that if you can just go online and view the session whenever you want, then maybe you need to read Duncan Epping’s post here. I initially thought that I’m the only one who’s doing that, but apparently not :). The PDF indexing part is indispensible for me, and I “always” start searching the VMworld sessions for any subject that I need to have more information on, then I start exploring other materials like documentations and whitepapers.

I hope any of you have easier approach for doing that, if not, then at least this can get you started. May be XtraVirt will write for us another incredible tool like the one they have for the VMware documentations to auto download these sessions on the fly, who knows 😉

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