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What a wonderful start of 2010! Yesterday I was truly honored to make it to the Planet V12n Top 5 bloggers of the year! I do understand that it’s Duncan Epping’s personal view, but that is by itself something to be proud of! Besides, just being there in one list with these incredible bloggers like Chad Sakac, Eric Siebert, Alan Renouf and Ken Cline, is another thing that makes you feel so proud and honored!

Hany Michael – If there is anyone who managed to create unique articles then it is Hany. His diagrams are insane. The details that he puts into every single diagram are just unseen. The following were my favorite, and let’s hope Hany keeps up posting these excellent diagrams

Surprisingly, today morning I woke up to find myself considered for the Top 25 bloggers arranged by Eric Siebert (are you serious??!!):

There are also many new bloggers out there producing some great content who could make the list like Hany Michael, Scott Sauer/Aaron Sweemer, Maish Saidel-Keesing, Scott Drummonds, Frank Denneman and Steve Chambers.

Again, I simply can’t believe that I’m being considered to be placed in this list, and I still see that there are so many things to be done for improving my blog to reach the high level and quality of the other blogger’s contents. Your votes will be truly appreciated no matter what the results will be, and I promise all my dear readers that I’ll put more efforts in 2010 to make my blog worth your valuable trust & appreciation.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have the plugin/statistics that list down the most viewed articles of the year (I really needed to steal this idea from Duncan & Gabe!), so I’m going to list down the posts that I’ve been constantly getting positive feedback about. This may help you position my very humble blog in the top 25, or let’s say: help you decide whether I should even make it to the top 25 in the first place!

1 – VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager v1.0 (Four posts/tutorials)

2 – Enabling Netflow on ESX 3.5 for traffic visibility using ManagEngin Netflow Analyzer.

3 – VMware vSphere 4.0 Unleashed

(Hot-Add / ThinProvisioning)

4 – VMware vSphere 4.0 Unleashed

(Fault Tolerance)

5 – VMware vSphere in a Box

6 – VMware Fault Tolerance

7 – vNetwork Distributed Switch

8 – VMware High-Availability

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