HVNL02: VMworld 2010, New VMware training courses and product releases, NetApp free book, TrainSignal vSphere Pro Series Vol2, Cisco UCS.

My second newsletter in a row. Can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already. Time seems to fly these days!

The VM Crowd in the wild

I was really happy with the feedback I received regarding this crazy idea. I didn’t expect that much of attention especially that the first episode is simply a bunch of inside jokes. You literally have to be on twitter day and night to get these jokes and know what on earth I’m talking about. As just an example, the “underwear saga” (as Massimo like to call it) actually happened to me and the latter in London. We were literally stranded in the UK due to this ash cloud, and we did go out together to shop for underwear. I can’t believe I’ve mentioned that twice on my blog! Okay, before I jump to the next point I’d like to thank you for the positive feedback. Stay tuned for more.

Two cool new courses from VMware Education

VMware Education Services lunched two new cool courses:
1 – Transitioning to ESXi: I really like this course, and from what i’ve seen in the course material it has a quite valuable content. I highly recommend this to any one starting fresh on ESXi or planning for the transition. Even if you are quite happy with your classic ESX and its service console, this course will make you change your mind.

2 – vSphere 4.1: Install, Configure and Manage: The course title is self explanatory. We all know about the cool new features of vSphere 4.1 and it’s all in there.

“Virtual Roads. Actual Clouds.”

Yes, VMworld 2010 is approaching and this is the official motto of the event. The sessions and labs catalog are now available online also for your to start exploring the great subjects covered in this event. Some vendors started to talk about their activity in the event, don’t miss the EMC and the IBM ones.

The first end-to-end FCoE solution certified by VMware

This is the industry’s first end-to-end solution by Cisco (datacenter switches) and NetApp (storage) that is certified and supported by VMware. Pretty exciting stuff to the all the FCoE enthusiasts out there. Vaughn Stewart has nice blog post talking about this with a big screenshots from the VMware HCL.

Free Book from NetApp

Still with NetApp and Vaughn, they are giving away free copies from the “vSphere on NetApp Best Practices”. Last word from twitter: the books are flying and only 150 copies are left. You have to have a shipping address in the US to get your copy. Thanks to Aramex.com, i will get my copy 🙂

TrainSignal’s vSphere Pro Series Volume 2!

Landed in Doha yesterday after a week of travel to see a very nice surprise in my mail. It’s the TrainSignal second volume of the vSphere Pro Series and It’s featuring some very cool products like SRM, Veeam (Monitor, Reporter and Backup) as well as VDR! I can’t wait to start watching these videos especially the SRM ones!

Cisco UCS Visio Stencils Hidden Secret

I’m working these days on a vSphere design on UCS and of course I had to use Visio in the architecture. I was surprised to see a very few stencils in the official Visio pack from Cisco, and that all of these shapes were just showing the front view of the devices. After “tweeting” out to the community and knowing that it’s not just me who’s frustrated about that, I received the simple answer from Cisco Dubai! you need to right click on the shapes (after placing them in your work area and then you will get the option whether to use the font view or rear one! Doh!

New VMware Releases:

A lot of new releases from VMware in the past few weeks among which: vCenter SRM 4.1, vCenter Orchestrator 4.1, vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.3

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