Me too: Vote for your top blogs!

At the time of writing these lines, the Planet V12n feed is on FIRE! I will keep it simple then and save you some reading.

Eric Siebert @ has opened the votes once again for the 25 Blogs in 2H10! Eric has a very fair criteria for voting based on: Longevity, Length, Frequency and Quality! I claim to have the second, and the forth, may be the first, but definitely not the third! I’m working on it, and you should read about this in details in my next newsletter.

With that said, I’d be thrilled if i stayed in the top 25! If not, then I will do my best to gain my seat back among this extremely talented and competent bloggers in the next cycle!

To refresh your memory about my past 6 months published contents, I’m listing here the top 5 article views based on WordPress stats plug-in:

Let The VOTES Begin!

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