UPDATE: Tool: CloudCleaner v2.5

UPDATE: [16-09-2010] Version 2.5 is released! Checkout the new features below! Please note that this is not an official VMware tool. Use it at your own risk!

My colleague, Luke Terheyden, coded a very useful tool to clean-up the vSphere environments prepared and managed by VMware vCloud Director. I was personally using it throughout the process of cleaning/reinstalling the different Redwood RTQA releases in my remote physical lab. You can imagine how much time and effort this tool saved me instead of going through the manual process.

I thought you also might be interested in the same since you will be probably in the phase of testing and evaluation of vCD at the time of writing these lines. I contacted Luke yesterday and he was very kind to approve sharing his tool with the public. To quote Luke’s own words: “I’m satisfied that it’s been used internally enough to be stable for a wider audience, so go ahead and post it on your blog! I would be thrilled if it could also help our customers.”

With that said, here is the download link.

The CloudCleaner removes the following (you have the choice to select whatever you want):

  • Virtual machines
  • Portgroups
  • VM inventory folders
  • Resource pools
  • Datastores
  • Networks
  • Uninstalls host agents


  • Written in java, so it’s cross-platform (It has been tested on Windows so far)
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Intelligent authentication handling – if your login credentials fail, you’ll be given the chance to re-auth in realtime
  • Fast! Uses up to 2000 simultaneous threads
  • Single jar deployment – download and run
  • Auto-detects developer settings – vCenter IP and credentials
  • Safe – auto-detects inconsistencies and repairs them

New in release 2.5:

  • more robust error handling for edge cases
  • much smarter vCD item detection
  • no longer cleans VC VMs not related to vCloud Director
  • no longer wipes unrelated folders found in datastores
  • new – advanced ‘clean all’ mode, in case you really want to clean unrelated items!
  • fixed some thread lock issues
  • VC crawl engine optimizations
  • now supports command-line usage
  • fixed some scan / rescan bugs
  • now detects orphaned objects (e.g. removing a VM leaves a folder behind, etc.)


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