The mysterious required DNS field in the vCloud Director OrgNet

What a title!

While playing with VMware vCloud Director during the beta phase, I came across some interesting points that I documented in my OneNote. One of these points that always confused me is the required DNS field when you create a new Organization Network. Have a look on the screenshot below.

If you look at it from a “Private Cloud” perspective, it makes perfect sense to have this field as a requirement. Why? because your cloud admin will be more or less involved in the infrastructure services. As I always like to say, the cloud admin doesn’t live in his own island isolated from anything else in the enterprise.

Now, if you look at the same thing but from a “Public Cloud” perspective, this can make you scratch your head. Why would the service provider be involved in the internal services of an organization like DNS? How can a SP even know the IP address of the DNS for an Org that is just getting it’s cloud up and running? Furthermore, what if the Organization want to change this IP for any reason in the future?

I researched our internal mailing lists on this point, and I did find that one of my colleagues brought this topic up. The response was simple, this is a small bug that will be fixed in a future update of vCD.

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