Double-Diagram: vCloud Director Management Pod in the Public & Private Clouds!

Those two diagrams have been sitting in my PC for ages and I thought it’s time for them to see the light. As a perfectionist by nature I think that they are probably the worst diagrams I’ve designed to date! The reason being is that I am probably missing way too many items and services. It’s a quite rich topic when it comes to the management and monitoring of the cloud (be it public or private) and to top that, VMware is coming out with something new every day that is revolutionary and game changing. Have a look at the AppDirector on YouTube for example or Google what is coming in vCenter Operations Enterprise 5.0! Mind blowing stuff!

So, that being said, those diagrams are far from being complete or perfect. Just accept them as they are and I will keep trying to adjust and complete the missing pieces.

Few notes on the diagrams:

  • As you notice, there are two diagrams here covering the same topic but one is focusing on the private cloud and the other on the public side.
  • There are many items that can overlap between the two diagrams. You can mix and match what you see relevant to your environment. The things are organized the way they are just to fit everything nicely in the limited A3 size.
  • I focused in the Public Cloud diagram on the portal exposure to the Internet since it’s a (somewhat) complex topic and requires proper illustration (I blogged about it in details here).
  • For the Private Cloud, I focused more on the management and monitoring aspect but make no mistake, these are as quite important for a Service Provider in a public cloud! Again, I’m just trying to fit so many things in so little space.

That’s it from me today.

Public Cloud Management Pod:

Private Cloud Management Pod:

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