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Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 06 – Storage vMotion

A new, thin and compact video! Here we’ll demo the new GUI based storage vMotion feature built-in vSphere. Yes, GUI based and built in, no more command lines and hassle. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s very reliable, especially when doing the thin/thick conversions while you’re migrating the VMs. Happy viewing!

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Video: vSphere4 Unleashed: 05 – Hot-Add and Thin-Provisioning

In this video I’ll be demonstrating the following in order: Enable the Hot-Add/Plug in the virtual machines. Hot-Add memory for a VM and increase it from 512MB to 1GB. See from the VM’s Task Manager the new amount of memory available for the GOS. Hot-Add a new NIC, and configure it on the fly. Thin-Provision

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Authored by Hany Michael, Sr.Staff Architect - VMware.(Read more)


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